Time Differed

Written by BG Howard

May 1, 2024

When considering the fact many of the daily tasks people intend to complete during the course of their respective days, one has little option except to draw an important conclusion. Understanding that no matter how important an individual might become or what degree of significance he or she might attain, Father Time waits for no man. It’s interesting to sometimes sit amongst older people and listen to the details of days gone by as they recall memories that are spoken with a particular fondness.

Unfortunately, some have a tendency to get “stuck” in a place or during a period which proved especially enjoyable and altogether worthy of being etched on the template of their memory. This makes it difficult for them to get past that time-frame and ultimately results with that individual seemingly detached from reality.

The hard truth is that there’s nothing one can do to hold back, delay or stop time from marching in a forward direction. Memories are there to preserve (as much as possible) the best times of one’s life but it’s never healthy to dwell too much on any single experience to the point it consumes you. That can result in a situation that would have an otherwise “normal” person teetering near the edge of deliria.

Oddly enough, the cosmetic industry rakes in millions of dollars each year marketing “anti-aging” compounds, lotions, moisturizers and revitalizing serums designed to “make you look younger.” There’s Botox to hide wrinkles, face lifts to “turn back” time or plastic surgery to restore one’s youthful vigor. And when all else fails; which is inevitable, there’s make-up to cover the ill-effects of the aging process. Unfortunately, many spend years and buckets of money living in denial while trying to fight the effects of growing older. There’s a desire harbored for the wisdom that comes with maturity but most want it without the wrinkles as people, the fallible beings we are, invariably seek to have the best of both worlds.

True wisdom would, instead, suggest a common sense approach to what’s going to eventually come whether people want to accept it or not. Eating properly, ample exercise, and all those other unrealistic requirements professional dieticians want to push down people’s throats (pun intended) are factually proven to lengthen one’s life span. Cosmetics and magic pills only serve to make a person appear younger while the body continues on the road to an unhealthy decline.

If one subscribes to accounts of the bible, Adam lived 930 years and the oldest person to ever grace the face of the earth would be Methuselah who surpassed the age of 969. God later lowered the average life expectancy to 120 years but, because of man’s increased evil tendencies, that period was reduced to the current 70 to 80 years.

For those who view life from a less spiritual perspective: according to Wikipedia the oldest living person in the world as of August 2017 was Ms. Violet Brown of Jamaica. At that time, she was 117 years old and reportedly in good health which could be attributed to a relatively simple but nutritious diet. The point remains that people were designed to live much longer than most do.

It seems that, like everything else, man has somehow gotten the concept of longevity twisted whereas more attention is given to his outer appearance than the inner workings of the body. That’s the equivalent of washing and waxing your car everyday but never checking or changing the oil. 

Much the same mentality comes into play whereas it concerns our physical appearance and the unwelcome reality of growing older. Everybody wants to look their best while making as little investment in healthy living habits as necessary. The idea is to have the appearance of being as young as possible by way of simply ingesting a pill. Truthfully speaking; many contend with the mere concept of growing older but few are ever very receptive of experiencing the alternative. I could be wrong but it’s just something to consider.

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