The Disease of Entitlement

Written by BG Howard

March 20, 2024

An old adage suggests, “Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day.  Teach a man how to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.”  This thought holds significant value when one considers the increasing number of people who have seemingly given up on the concept of working and providing for themselves.  The fact that more and more people are becoming dependents of the government leaves one to wonder about the general direction of our nation.

Granted, there are many who work tirelessly day in and day out in effort to achieve some nominal degree of success.  In fact, the basis of America’s free enterprise social order avails to anybody with the ambition to do so, an avenue to personal success which often results in individual financial security.  Factually speaking, reported the number of people self-employed in the United States from spring 2013 to the spring of 2017.  In 2017, there were 16.78 million self-employed people in the U.S.  At one point during the past three years those individuals and their employees equated thirty percent of the country’s work force.

The unfortunate fact is, many of today’s youth; tomorrow’s would be work force, possess an interesting sense of entitlement.  It seems that a great majority of the younger generation feel as though life somehow owes them something simply because they exist.  People who will one day be in charge of operating, administering and governing the particulars of how others throughout the world live appear to have no real interest in securing an empowering life for themselves.

It’s somewhat disheartening that much of what is presented as the need for a helping hand by many people is, in actuality, most often an effort to malign the sincere intent of those from whom assistance is solicited.  When a person is genuinely compelled to help, he or she will usually end up misused, manipulated, and deeply in debt, or worse.  Not only does much of today’s society “expect” life to cater to their every whim, they don’t have any desire to assist in the process.

A sense of entitlement generally morphs into complacency which results with a person’s lack of ambition to move forward in life.  At the point one becomes so serene that he doesn’t present any “get up and go” or appear to have aspirations to accomplish anything it can interpret as a mere trivial existence. 

The bible even speaks of a “wayward generation” in regards to the attitudes and general behaviors of people during this period commonly referred to as the final days.  One look at today’s society more-or-less confirms the way people believe they’re “free” to say or do virtually anything that “feels” right to them as individuals. 

Biblical prophesy dictates that, during the final days, right will be considered wrong and what would otherwise be viewed as wrong commonly accepted as right.  Children will set themselves in opposition of their parents with mothers being against daughters and, likewise, sons against their fathers.

It’s truly unfortunate that the youth of today have developed a feeling of genuine entitlement that suggests the world owes them something.  There’s no need to put forth significant effort for the sake of achieving anything substantial in life because conditions such as enjoyment, happiness and success are viewed as matters of manifest destiny…it’s deserved simply because they were born. 

Two high school classmates; one eighteen (Todd) and the other about to turn seventeen (Stanley), were having a discussion.  The elder of them mentioned his dad had purchased a car for him upon turning eighteen.  By the end of their conversation Stanley, the younger student, had been convinced that he “deserved” a car for his eighteenth birthday as well.  Never mind the fact that he didn’t want to work while attending school and expected his mom and dad to provide everything he wanted “because that’s their responsibility.”

The hard truth remains that people these days simply don’t gauge life according to the same moral compass as in times passed.  Entitlement appears to be an infectious disease running rampant among younger generations who feel they’re deserving simply because they exist.  I could be wrong but it’s just something to consider.

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