The Benefit of Pain

Written by BG Howard

April 3, 2024

Most readily attribute the experiences of their lives as being of vital importance in the molding, sculpting and structuring the nature of who they ultimately become.  However, the one aspect of life’s occurrences that is probably most influential typically receives little to no recognition. 

People constantly speak of circumstances wherein they undergo personal growth, development and change which is generally attributed to pleasant experiences.  Of course, there’s a nominal degree of maturity that can be acquired from one’s general exposure to the details of everyday life. 

What people eagerly refer to as blessings, favor, or simple good fortune can be presented in a number of forms and, likewise, viewed in much the same manner.  The focus is regularly centered on the method or avenue by which the eventual advantageous end result is received. 

In reality; everything that feels good to you, isn’t necessarily good for you.  As well; everything that’s good for you will not actually feel good either.  Phrases that have been coined such as; “No pain, no gain,” “You have to work through the pain,” and “There’s no growth without struggle” serve to exemplify the general process of development, regardless of the specific circumstances. 

Life’s journey is riddled with tests, obstacles, pitfalls and disappointments that are essentially designed to propel you to the next level.  It’s difficult to see beyond the pain while “going through” a trial but after an individual has endured, the benefit becomes readily apparent.  Thusly, confirming the fact that anything that doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger.

When an individual works out or succumbs to over exertion during physical activity, he or she is usually extremely sore the few days immediately following.  This results from muscles being slightly “torn” or stretched in the process of growth and development.  Essentially, the same thing occurs in life as adverse conditions or experiences serve to “work out” one’s faith or whatever belief system to which he subscribes.  Much like the muscles, a person’s psyche, emotions, as well as their faith are often put to the test in a variety of ways.

An unfortunate truth lies in the fact life consists of a constant series of “tests” to the degree that equates a seemingly vicious cycle where one finds himself either just having endured or about to undergo a never-ending trial.  It is the pain resulting from life’s trials, we find, that prompts the most growth or character development in an individual.

So, for any individual to dismiss challenges endured is simply making a choice to not view one’s existence from a realistic perspective.  The pains of living should more appropriately be seen as mere stepping stones assisting in an integral ascent to a personal level that requites maturity; be it emotional, psychological and/or spiritual.

Assuredly, in the event people who’ve undergone any significant hardships were given an opportunity to change one aspect of their lives, the majority would seek to eradicate that one issue that proved most challenging.  It’s of great concern that these same individuals seldom realize that single obstacle would be the one thing which prompted the greatest degree of growth.

Pain and hardship are difficult facets of life and generally don’t receive much in the line of credit simply because neither is usually perceived as good or enjoyable.  Oddly enough, matters of this nature generally facilitate immense growth on a number of different fronts and can result with significant personal development.  In some cases, this maturity is considered as evoking self awareness or a sort of “spiritual awakening.”

Whatever prompts hardship, the consequential pain and suffering will either strengthen an individual or “break” them.  The outcome is usually dependent upon the unique position of each person’s mental stability and inert fortitude.  Though growth, spiritual or otherwise, would generally be desired by way of more palatable means the route to maturity, most often, isn’t an option allowed the individual in need of it.  I could be wrong but it’s just something to consider. 

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