Standing for Right

Written by BG Howard

June 26, 2024

In truth, reports of children being separated from their parents and the resulting consequences should be enough to shake any normal Neanderthal to their core.  However, it’s important to not get too engrossed in the fact that news organizations nationwide continue (not as much of recent) to perpetrate images of the purported “injustices” at the hands of government. 

Not to come across as being insensitive; but consider the fact that “would be” sensible adults in made a conscious decision to leave home with their minor children, trek who knows how many miles over treacherous terrain and sneak across the border under cover of darkness.  The point that individuals calculate, plan and execute such activity is suggestive of the fact they are well aware the very action is against the law. 

The, perhaps, unfortunate thing about an advanced social order obligates individuals to abide by structured legal codes.  Whether or not one agrees with the laws, he is required to operate within the confines of them.  The order of societal growth does, however, allow ample opportunity to facilitate desired changes by way of proper legal channels.  This is the benefit of a civilized community and, in effect, the means of avoiding utter anarchy. 

Tens of thousands of immigrants, according to reports, have filtered across the southern United States border within just the past two months alone.  Many are seeking asylum in this country as threats against their lives have mandated they abandon home.  Culprits of the mass exodus can be attributed to anything from gang violence to governmental oppression which leaves citizens of a number of South American countries to take a chance on finding safety in the US

Granted; the humane thing to do would be extend an olive branch and try to assist our neighbors to the south; but at what expense?  Of course, not all immigrants are bad people but the opposite is also true; not all are good people either.  With individuals “breaking into” the country at the rate they currently do, there is no way to accurately vet them.  While it may not extend to the degree of lawlessness assailed by some, there is verifiable reason for concern.

There have been a number of serious crimes ranging from traffic fatalities to assault and even murder attributed to the presence of undocumented individuals living and working in the US unlawfully.  I’ve personally endured the adverse effects resulting from a drunken undocumented immigrant’s barreling down a rural highway on the wrong side of the road.  An automobile accident caused by a person who’d come to the United States illegally, claimed the life of a close relative several years ago as well. 

The real dilemma lies in the fact that Lady Liberty stands in New York Harbor extending an open invitation to all those who would come.  At the same time, there is the concern that so many have accepted the request, the country has been overrun by those harboring ill intent or, at best, no desire to do any better than what they were doing before gracing the borders of our nation.

It is blatantly obvious that something to curb the influx of illegal immigrants into the United States has to be done.  Presentation of a viable solution is an issue best left to those in position to do so.  Still, there’s no fairness in the fact that millions of people are required to undergo the timely and costly process of applying for citizenship via proper channels; while others have been, to this point, allowed to simply sneak into the country through the back door to face no consequences when caught breaking the law.  I could be wrong but it’s just something to consider.

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