“I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel. Some of it, I can relate to in my younger years. The author, B G Howard, takes you on journey through life’s mysteries. When I got the book on Friday and started reading, I couldn’t put it down. It was as if I was in the story. I look forward to the sequel.”
—Keith Roberts UK

Points To Ponder

Points To Ponder 11

It’s ironic that most people drink in an attempt to mask or forget their troubles. Problem is, when they wake up, they’re faced with the same issues in addition to those stemming from all the dumb things they can’t remember doing while blasted.  

Points To Ponder 8

It wasn’t until I discovered how little, regarding life, is truly understood that my being began to have significant meaning. Relinquishing our hold on life merely certifies that we have an insightful grasp on the overall concept of living.  

Points To Ponder 6

If an item you wouldn’t normally purchase regularly sells for $100 and “for 3 days only” you’re fortunate enough to buy it on sale at a 50% discount, how much have you really saved?