Nothing Wrong with Change

Written by BG Howard

November 30, 2022

In recent weeks I’ve heard more about various people’s positions on virtually every issue from health care to the nation’s economy. No matter how many times a person is told, “I don’t talk politics” they still insist on discussing the topic. So, since left with little option, I simply want to address a seemingly growing concern that many have with the subject of change. Without delving into the farce nature of the current political absurdity being projected onto the American public, I find it necessary to touch on the idea that both candidates have blasted one another on the issue of having held a particular position regarding a matter in the past but now hold to a different standard. In short, they’ve changed their mind.

My argument: How does one accomplish the art of growth without change? In this era of exponential development; be it social, scientific or otherwise, it seems utterly asinine that anyone could say it’s a bad thing to experience change. How can one be expected to grow without changing?

During a discussion with one of the insistent political debaters, he made the fretful mistake of posing an argument with me on the issue concerning the ills of change. I attempted to explain that change is inevitable, in fact, it’s an absolute necessity. Since the beginning of life as we know it, nature has been about development, growth, and change. I reason; how do small acorns become towering oaks without change or a minnow become a wide mouth bass or fear-evoking great white shark except for the necessity of change?

Scientific research has confirmed the unfortunate plight of dinosaurs was facilitated due simply to their inability to adapt to the changing environment. Archeologists describe mammoth sized bones that comprise larger than life skeletal figures but the enormous animals’ refusal to change resulted with their eventual extinction.

Whether it is for lack of change or the result of the wrong type change, as appears to be the case with man, the unfortunate end result will ultimately be the same. I recently spoke with an elder gentleman who argued against the concept of change while pointing to the fact he’s the same person now as five or ten years ago. With that, I confirmed if he has undertaken the process of daily life and not changed the least in that length of time there couldn’t have been significant growth in any aspect of his life.

The fact that we, as adults, have the ability to walk, don’t all still wear diapers and can effectively carry-out daily activities to substantiate life confirms change is a requirement in the over all equation of growth. Even the process of learning; the acquisition of knowledge, is the positive result of change.

For a political candidate, a friend, or anyone to insist that changing one’s mind is a bad thing would depend specifically upon the former and later opinions held. As is the case with most issues concerning society, it is quite easy to find those in support of a measure as well as those who oppose that same matter. Again, for one to change his or her mind based upon their acquiring knowledge previously not available or known is simply the benefit of growth. To view the circumstances otherwise would be subscribing to the concept that ignorance makes for a progressive social order.

To the point of the matter, the right type change symbolizes a process of growth toward a certain degree of maturity in both knowledge as well as societal acumen. Perhaps, if those in authority, namely politicians in this particular case, were more susceptible to the concept of growth and change our nation wouldn’t be in the condition we currently find ourselves.

The biggest problem lies in the fact there doesn’t seem to be a middle ground as in the case last week of a stale mate in the House of Representatives prompting the Democrats to stage a sit-in on the House floor. At issue is the law as it concerns gun control and the fact most Republicans favor current legislation. Other elected officials are demanding reformation in the wake of the tragic Orlando, FL incident when forty-nine people were killed at a night club in the early morning hours of June 12th. Most political figures say something has to be done if there is any hope of preventing these type horrific incidents in today’s society but they refuse to compromise while Americans continue being innocently slaughtered. I, personally, don’t have a resolution to the issue but it would seem that the people we elect (and pay) to create laws governing our society could put their pride aside in consideration of saving lives. I could be wrong but it’s just something to consider.

(Oringinally Printed June 2016)

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