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“Revised Edition Family Ties: Thicker than Blood hints at a balance between the desired and the forbidden. But it’s only when the lines dividing the two are blurred that realization comes: life mandates a division, as the truth we live seldom substantiates the path imagined. There are people to whom circumstance connects you that represent more than branches on a genealogical tree. In Family Ties: Thicker than Blood, author, B. G. Howard explains the need to accept the fact there is no middle ground…and only one option where family is concerned.”

—Professor Gwen Alexis



Life in rural Georgia proves anything but easy for Willie LeBeaux, as childhood obstacles continue to present emotional and psychological barriers he simply can’t escape. The effort to start anew drives him to the city that never sleeps, where he hopes to get lost amidst the faceless inhabitants of post-911 New York.






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B.G. Howard

B. G. Howard was born and raised in the small town of Baxley, in South Georgia where he graduated high school prior to relocating to Macon, GA. While there, he attended College at Mercer University, though circumstances prevented him from completing his collegiate education.

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Family Ties II: Blood Covenant

Willie returns to Georgia in search of a safe haven following the death of Oz, his mentor. but being home proves even more troublesome; driving him back to New York. Returning to the city will either lead him to uncover much needed answers or raise more questions about his involvement in organized crime. He develops a plan to educate Marcus, Oz’s nephew, in the operation of the “Family Business” without his stepmother’s knowledge.  The quest to track down Oz’s killers is jeopardized by Willie’s romantic involvement with Officer E. Lady which could disrupt his plans for revenge. Can the reluctant successor train Marcus to take over the family’s criminal enterprise without tipping off his stepmother? What are the consequences if she finds out? Willie continues a treacherous game of cloak and dagger that could end with him, or someone close, dead.

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In the Gray Matter

Old or Seasoned…?

I recently had an interesting experience when prompted to visit with a neighbor who happens to be several decades my senior. Ms Eloise; for the sake of reference, lives one block south of me with her daughter who contends with mental challenges. My neighbor’s husband passed away several years agoRead More »

Pursuit of Truth

Usually, as one to avoid engaging in public opinion debates, I would be reluctant to even address the matter of a decision reached in the trial of famed comedian Bill Cosby in June of 2017. I was actually in the process of scripting another opinion column when CNN announced theRead More »

Good Departure

A peculiar stage was set when I once received a call from a distant relative to whom many affectionately refer as “Auntie.” She contacted me one afternoon to inform a popular bishop, and a distant relative as well, was being transported to Jacksonville. He’d been to the doctor in WaycrossRead More »

Points to Ponder

Points to Ponder 137

While intelligence does have a nominal value, wisdom is priceless.
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Points to Ponder 136

Peculiarly, if a man has nothing to hide, he doesn’t mind anybody looking.
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Points to Ponder 135

With all the world’s wealth, one is yet unable to amass money enough to purchase peace.
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