From the Mouths of Babes

Written by BG Howard

March 7, 2024

National news reports have continued for the past several years in the wake of a mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Lakewood, FL.  More than six years have passed since this dreadful incident and the unfortunate trend has continued as there have been others of the same nature that continue to claim innocent lives. The dreadful situation perpetrated by nineteen year-old Nikolas Cruz on February 14, 2028 resulted with seventeen high school students dead and fourteen others suffering from injuries as the result of gunshot wounds.

As has been the case concerning anything related to gun regulations for the past 153 years, the National Rifle Association (NRA) continues its objection to virtually all proposed resolutions.  It appears that any legal action aimed at prevention of the ever-increasing number of school shootings and gun-related deaths throughout the country each year is simply shot down; no pun intended.  The attitude of the NRA that any type “restriction” levied on firearms represents an inherent threat against every citizen’s constitutional right to bare arms has hindered “common sense” legislation for decades.

Unfortunately, politicians often solicit campaign contributions from a variety of organizations during their bid for office which sometimes interprets as them “selling their souls.”  Power mongers like the NRA spend money amounting to hundreds of millions for the express purpose of “influencing” the ebb and flow of America’s political tide.  Of course, there is the classic expectation in a capitalistic society of “getting your money’s worth” and, as such, candidates ultimately become political marionettes of their corporate puppet masters.  The money then dictates processes concerning the proposition of laws and other regulations (or lack thereof) that serve to suit the best interests of those pulling the purse strings.

That has been, to this point, the unfortunate methodical process of attempting to make changes to the regulatory system concerning guns.  And thus, the reason antiquated laws enacted during periods long-passed still occupy the pages of legal indexes.  Realistic knowledge of governmental, military and technological advancements dismisses the mere notion of a need for organization of a citizen based militia.  In fact, for a group or individual to undertake the mere process of conceiving an armed military organization in the United States is viewed as terrorism.

Given that factor alone, what then, is justification for an individual being able to purchase a military grade weapon at an age that wouldn’t permit him to buy a beer?  It makes little sense that a person can legally secure ownership of a rifle which can be utilized to kill a massive number of people.  This right is available before becoming of age to vote for politicians who make laws to allow said person the ability to purchase said rifle.

The scenario speaks to the inability of politicians over the years to structure an agreement that would safeguard citizens of this country.  Ironically, students of Majory Stoneman Douglas High School have banned together and organized a movement against gun violence which has garnered more support than anything proposed by politicians over the past decade.

A student attending Stoneman Douglas, Cameron Kasky, and others began what started out as a protest against politicians being “bought” by the NRA.  Within a matter of a couple weeks it morphed into an all-out movement created, organized, and led by high school students deemed “March for Our Lives.”

Students have essentially taken the fight to the NRA by blacklisting enterprises that maintain affiliations with the organization.  To date; such companies as the cyber security firm, Symantec, First National Bank of Omaha, United and American Airlines have all announced plans to either cut ties or discontinue discounts to NRA members and other significant names like Enterprise Holdings (Alamo, Enterprise, and National Car Rental).  In the immediate aftermath of the shooting, “March for Our Lives” movement formed by students resulted with more than two dozen companies had either ending or announcing their intent to discontinue offering discounts to members of the NRA. It seems those children who “don’t have sense enough to know what they want” because they’re too young figured out that they want to live.  And that the best way to convey their point falls along the lines of an old business acumen suggesting the most effective method of contention is one that hits them in their pocket.  There is something to be said about what’s being spoken from the mouths of babes…it truly is wisdom.  I could be wrong but it’s just something to consider.

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