Customer service redeemed

Written by BG Howard

January 17, 2024

Having fallen victim to benefits of the advantages of modern technological advancements; also known as laziness, I’ve become accustomed to receiving bills via the internet.  Monthly obligations are simply emailed by respective creditors and the invoices paid on-line.  This allows for payment via the internet which allows aversion of envelopes, stamps, and trips to the post office.

One unfortunate consequence of doing everything by way of the internet lies in the fact that communications with live bodies are quickly becoming a thing of the past.  And when you are able to speak with a real person, their knowledge of any possible solutions is limited to what’s available on the scripted resolutions provided them.

Such had been the case during the course of the past year and-a-half of my having to endure monthly phone calls in attempt to rectify an issue with a specific cellular service provider.  Sometime back in mid 2015, I was contacted by the company and offered certain amenities as a matter of the organization’s appreciation for being a customer of more than eleven years.  The “upgrade” and other perks were presented as being complimentary in lieu of my tenure.

Oddly enough, my charges which had pretty much been consistent, suddenly increased by more than $100.  Of course this cause for concern prompted me to contact the company in effort to resolve the issue.  As is typically the case, I was required to tolerate the emotionally absent automated attendant before eventually being able to speak with a live body. 

The representative with whom I eventually spoke proceeded to read from a prepared script.  When all options presented were without concession on my part, she literally disclosed there was nothing more that could be done.  My request was to speak with a supervisor who, by the time she came on the line, had heard the representative’s “slanted” account of the circumstances.  As such, the superior’s view of my dilemma had already been tainted and her reasoning concluded in the exact same manner as the original representative.

Something of a resolution, I thought, was eventually obtained when I actually phoned back to speak with another representative who subjected me to the same process as the first.  My second effort had me; again, request the presence of another supervisor who did finally offer to take care of the issue.

The following billing cycle, I was required to undergo the same situation which eventually concluded with the same result.  That was the initiation of an on-going monthly “challenge” which persisted for the next sixteen months.  Ironically, though I’d taken detailed notes of every conversation to include the date and time of each call, the names of persons with whom I’d spoken and any pertinent information, it was never occasioned for me to talk with the same individual twice during the year-plus process.

When just about at the end of my rope and having begun the extensive search for another service provider, I was compelled to place one last call to the Customer Service Department.  Again, I underwent the familiar process and endured the same situation with expectation of the same end result.

Much to my surprise, however, a supervisor by the name of Mr. Chris did agree to listen to a brief excerpt of the on-going issue as listed in my lengthy notes.  He then took a look at entries made in the file by the other representatives.  Upon his return to the line, the supervisor notated my extensive tenure with the cell phone service provider.

My confidence was somewhat restored when Mr. Chris stated, “After being a loyal customer for so many years, Mr. Howard, you should never have been made to contact us regarding any issue more than once.”  At that point, he specified there was no further need for explanation.  Mr. Chris assured he would take care of any outstanding concerns and confirmed there shouldn’t be a need for me to contact their company again.

Given my previous experiences with the cell phone service provider, one should certainly be able to understand the reluctance to accept Mr. Chris’ confirmation of resolve.  He did, however, provide ample means to check and verify that everything offered in line of resolution had been addressed.  Even to the point of offering his contact information in the event I had any further difficulties with my account.

With that, I reasoned to continue my affiliation with the company as it appeared the on-going concern had finally been resolved.  In line with one of my twisted hillbilly philosophies; you don’t evaluate a relationship based upon the fact you have problems; it should be assessed in accordance to how those issues are addressed.  I could be wrong but it’s just something to consider.

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