Call it what it is

Written by BG Howard

November 1, 2023

There have been a number of occasions when I’ve shared my political opinion via this platform I have the privilege to utilize. With a certain matter of concern at issue, I was compelled to concede there are certain arenas where my opinion might be better left unexpressed.

However, there is one area where I can say with confidence that many individuals and I simply do not hold to the same views. The travesty that was being perpetrated on the city of Charlottesville, VA during the year of 2017; there’s no other word, just senseless. News outlets had been disclosing details of those involved in what started as a protest against the city’s proposed removal of a statue from a public park. The park’s name bore that of former Confederate General Robert E Lee until the City Council changed it to “Emancipation Park” in June 2017.

A vote to remove the Confederate general’s statue was pending a legal ruling as opponents of the action sued, noting the city didn’t have the authority under state law. White nationalist, Richard Spencer, had made that the focus of a similar gathering held in May of that same year. Though Spencer was noticeably present in Charlottesville, the protest was organized by Jason Kessler. A self-described “journalist, activist, and author,” Mr. Kessler was instrumental in the fight to prevent the removal of the statue as well as refuting the city’s confirmation as a “sanctuary city for immigrants.”

In a previous post entitled “Pride or Prejudice,” I addressed an eerily similar situation. Then, it was regarding the University of Texas’ decision to remove a statue of the only Confederate President, Jefferson Davis, from the campus. As stated, I by no means would condone that ugly era of our country’s developmental process but truly don’t believe closing one’s eyes to the “darkness” could make it any less dark.

The issue we, as a country, have is when extremists, white nationalists, the KKK, and other radical groups misconstrue the meaning of what the rebel flag once represented. It was a state of mind in support of an ideology in which people of that time truly believed. Howbeit wrong, it was their belief and an intrinsic portion of a systematically developed social order and way of life. Nothing is wrong with any individual’s beliefs until they infringe upon or deny the rights and freedoms of others.

There are those in prominent positions culturally, socially, and politically, who continue to deny such ills exist. Unfortunately, when people with the ability to foster change or, at least, condemn the ignorance won’t stand up and readily identify the problem, it only festers to become a repulsive eyesore on the face of our country. Identified in verse:

Only now do you ponder the thought
“What manner of beast is this…?”
Which is neither silenced nor controlled
By what futile legislation you enlist.
From stone-gray depths
Far beyond the inconceivable hallows of Hell!
Nestled in the Heart of Mankind;
For an eternity there, am I destined to dwell.
Birthed unto Envy and Jealousy;
Nourished by Ignorance and Scorn,
As is small child;
To adulthood from new-born.
You question, “From what such
Horrid seed could so vile a menace be bred?
Vainly, you deny my existence!
Only to have inherent truth
Rear its disgusting head.
Now, am I not a hideous sight
To behold with eyes not forewarned?
Look here!
Not through another’s discretionate eyes!
Behold! Envision me with your own…
The disease with which you,
Yes, you Mankind have been afflicted.
Turn not away your deceitful face
Forever scarred by mine historical existence!
Do you dare not acknowledge I am reality?
That your pretentious plasma is infected
By a plague of epidemic proportions
Spawned from a once, mere germ, misdirected.
Infinitely feasting upon the bountiful shortcomings of man,
I thrive…!
Nourished by Social Ignorance.
Flourishing amidst truths unspoken
And secrets not stated…
Until, when occasioned,
As an infected sore agitated,
The swell of anger makes my presence the obvious.
Swelled, infected, dripping a feverish puss.
Fatally contagious!
I am…Prejudice.

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