We train them to fight… We arm them to fight… We then fight…them.

Written by BG Howard

August 31, 2022

The Pentagon reported during the second week of March in 2016 that a U. S. led air strike “likely killed” a significant figure of the ISIS terrorist group. Omar Al-Shishani, multiple media reports claimed, had been fatally wounded when a position held by ISIS endured multiple bombings by both manned and unmanned aircraft on Friday, March 11, 2016, near the Syrian town of Al-Shaddadi. It was confirmed two days later by officials in England that he had, in fact, been seriously wounded but not killed.

Omar Al-Shishani is an accomplished militant leader who has served as the Islamic State’s Minister of War and was instrumental in waging numerous campaigns throughout the regions of Syria and western Iraq. Under his leadership the group claimed responsibility for the loss of an undetermined number of innocent lives, civil unrest, and the continued anti-Middle Eastern sentiment plaguing the world in general.

As most of the country is well aware, groups such as ISIS, Al Qaeda, and others wreaked havoc and perpetrated fear around the globe for years. Interestingly enough, many don’t know leaders and participants in these renegade organizations have often been the products of our own U. S. government.

Avi Asher-Shapiro of Vice News reported at that time on comments from a former Georgian military commander who marked that Omar Al-Shishani had been a standout in a U.S. Special Forces training program. The commander stated, “We were well trained by American Special Forces unit, and he was the star pupil.”

It was also stated that when contacted by Vice News the Pentagon would neither confirm nor deny Shishani’s training had been provided by U.S. Special Forces. During his tenure in the Georgian military between 2006 and 2010 Shishani’s unit did receive some degree of training headed by Special Forces units from the United States. One confirmed fact is that Al-Shishani ranks among this country’s most wanted and the United States government has committed $5 million dollars for information that results in his demise.

Surprisingly enough, this account of Abu Omar Al-Shishani isn’t at all unique as there have been numerous occasions when America has assisted individuals who’ve ultimately proven formidable adversaries of the world at large. The United States has educated, trained, equipped, and/or supported such menacing figures as Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden and Manuel Noriega. Granted the aid, in whatever form it’s provided, is dispensed prior to their contemptuous display of disapproval regarding our country

One would almost be led to believe this country has an unquenchable thirst for taking on “projects” that eventually blow up in its face. Every relationship into which our masterful politicians enter seems to only benefit the other party which is destined to become the opposition. It appears they outdid themselves this time as it came to an issue of tipping our hand not only to future adversaries but past ones as well.

During May of 2012, twenty-two Russian army paratroopers flew to Colorado for two weeks of training with the 10th Special Forces Group at a post outside Colorado Springs; Fort Carson. Reportedly, the former long-time adversaries have allowed their respective militaries to conduct joint exercises over the past several years. Though that has been the case, May of 2012 was the first time Russian Soldiers had trained in the United States according to Lt. Col. Steven Osterholzer, a public affairs officer for the 10th Special Forces Group.
Fox News reported, Osterholzer was quoted as saying, “The training is the result of a U.S.-Russian agreement signed in 2011. The objectives were to create a basic relationship between the two nations’ militaries and to build an understanding about how each other’s military works, including communications.”
Am I the only person who sees a problem with this arrangement? Truthfully, I’m not an authority on relationships and really don’t know anything about international ones. However, what I call “country common sense” would suggest not giving your opponent your playbook just because it’s during the off season.

It has been empirically proven over the course of recent history that the United States has facilitated some not so beneficial relationships with other countries. The fact leaders of those nations don’t care to wear the same uniforms as members of American armed forces shouldn’t shock us. What I do find surprising though is how our political leaders reason its okay to disclose team secrets to the opponent’s cheerleading squad during half-time of the playoff game. I could be wrong but it’s just something to consider.

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