Thicker than Blood hints at a balance between the desired and the forbidden.  Revised Edition Cast Of Family Ties : But it’s only when the lines dividing the two are blurred that realization comes: life mandates a division, as the truth we live seldom substantiates the path imagined. There are people to whom circumstance connects you that represent more than branches on a genealogical tree. In Family Ties: Thicker than Blood, author, B. G. Howard explains the need to accept the fact there is no middle ground…and only one option where family is concerned.”
—Professor Gwen Alexis

Revised Edition Family Ties: Thicker than Blood

Life in rural Georgia proves anything but easy for Willie Beau, as childhood obstacles continue to present emotional and psychological barriers he simply can’t escape. cast of family ties The effort to start anew drives him to the city that never sleeps, where he hopes to get lost amidst the faceless inhabitants of post-911 New York…

Family Ties

Awarded “Best Fiction” by the Distinguished Authors Guild

We are thrilled to announce that this compelling work has been honored with the prestigious title of “Best Fiction” by the Distinguished Authors Guild. The accolade was bestowed upon us in November of last year

“A must read.” Family Ties

This was a very easy read. A real page turner. I found myself really into the book “like telling characters to back off”. I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL THE NEXT BOOK COMES OUT. Thank you B. G. Howard
—Esther Vickers

“You will not want to put the book down when you begin!”

The characters in the book kept me wondering what would happen next. Somehow, while reading, I felt I knew them. I often wondered if the writer was a character. “Family Ties”
—Cynthia Vann

“I Could Not Put It Down!”

I love to read, I just rarely have time to do so. Once I opened this book, I could not put it down. I absolutely cannot wait for the release of the next one in the series!
—Genna R.

“I look forward to the sequel.”

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel. “Family Ties” Some of it, I can relate to in my younger years. The author, B G Howard, takes you on journey through life’s mysteries. When I got the book on Friday and started reading, I couldn’t put it down. It was as if I was in the story. I look forward to the sequel.
—Keith Roberts UK

Family Ties

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